Monday, October 22, 2007

Introducing the 2008 Erin Expounds

For all of you on news readers, come take a peek at my new look for 2008! Hey, if car companies can start rolling out 2008 models in April 2007 (or sooner), then I can roll out the 2008 model of my blog in late October 2007. LOL I'm pretty happy with it. Still fiddling with a couple of things, so you may see a little wackiness in the next few days (including possible header graphic alterations, mainly color tweaks), but overall, I think it is going to say pretty much like this for a bit. I would also like to thank Shalini for helping me out with the testing phase to make sure all is well (even if I didn't wait for her final approval to go on and change it! LOL).

So, what do you think? Anything broken or wonky for anyone? Let me know! And now, I must go to bed, where I will have nightmares about snotty children (see previous post) and CSS code.

Currently feeling: rather tired


  1. Ooooh. So purdy! Everything seems to be working for me (Firefox v2.0.0.8) :)

  2. What a timing for maintenance!! Hope your images start showing up soon. I love the new color scheme.


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