Sunday, October 21, 2007

Too proactive

Wow, what a rotten two days! I took L to the doctor Thursday morning because he had been running a fever of 100-101 for three days, and he had an absolutely horrible cold that only seemed to be getting worse. I was afraid that it was either something worse than a cold or that he had an ear infection (which he shouldn't, given his spiffy new ear tubes). She checked his ears and said they were fine, and his lungs were clear. Just to treat the fever as needed (if over 100.5) and let the cold run its course. Funny then that he was up three times Thursday night crying about seemingly nothing (we chalked it up to fever dreams), and Friday (we kept him home from daycare) after nap he had fluid seeping out of his ear, i.e. ear infection! If I had waited until Friday to take him, instead of taking him Thursday hoping to catch something before it got really bad, at least there would have been some manifestation of infection. Letting out the fluid is what the tubes are supposed to do, so we're supposed to just wait and see. Yeah, they're not the ones home with the grumpy three-year-old who spends all day wiping snot everywhere and all night coughing so that NO ONE is getting any sleep!

And to top it all off, his fever crossed the 102 mark this afternoon. We take his temp under his arm, which makes his actual temp a full degree higher than whatever the reading shows. For nearly a week now, I have been accustomed to seeing numbers 99.0-99.8, but this afternoon, it just kept going up and up and up, finally stopping at 100.9. How are we getting worse, not better?!! We still have to survive tomorrow (today? pretty sure it is after midnight, which makes it Sunday), and if he is still running a fever come Monday, it will be back to the doctor (for another $30; personally I think this one should be free since she said he was fine (besides the cold) on Thursday) and *another* day home from daycare.

He's not acting overly sick, and if it weren't for the fever, I'd probably send him on to daycare. There's more to keep him entertained there. He is a bit more disagreeable and he tires more easily, which only serves to make him super-cranky and shorten his attention span (can you imagine a *shortened* 3yo attention span? yeah, it's not fun) so that nothing is fun for more than 5 minutes. If the three of us manage not to kill each other before this thing blows over, it will be a miracle.

And idiot me chose Thursday to start redesigning the look of my blog (not quite ready yet) to accomodate all the new Blogger features, which is what is keeping me up late tonight since sick boy won't let me near a computer without wanting to be on it himself (thus rendering impossible any attempts to modify someone elses CSS coding to my liking). I was hoping to debut it tomorrow, but somehow I'm doubting that will happen.

Currently feeling: tired and frustrated


  1. *hugs*

    We've got a grouchy boy here with a cold (although fortunately not a fever) and he's driving us up the wall.

    You have all my sympathy. I hope the fever goes down soon and Luke feels better.

  2. Oh! This is what kept you up. Sending healing thoughts toward Luke. Hope he's on the mend soon. {hugs}


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