Monday, October 22, 2007

Or not!

Well naturally! I redesign my blog and post for everyone to come see it, and what happens? My web server goes down! Looks like Melanie could see everything okay earlier today (thanks Mel!), but now anything hosted on my domain is missing (like, gee, I don't know, my new blog header graphic!). So I logged into my web host, only to be greeted with the following message:
Dear Customers,

This server is under scheduled maintenance. The following services will not be working for the next 4-5 hours: Control Panel, e-mails, SiteStudio, and FTP. Your websites will be working properly and will suffer less than 30 minutes downtime at the end of this maintenance.

Best Regards,
Support Staff

Well, of course! I think someone was spying on my blog and said "hey guys, she just decided to redo her blog, so we really have to hurry up and find a way to ruin the debut; oh wait, I know, we'll schedule some maintenance!" Sheesh. Does Murphy hate me or what? Anyway, hope it is back up for you soon. Luke is still getting worse (and is still asleep at 8-something in the morning, which should tell you something right there), so I probably won't be around much the rest of the day.

Currently feeling: aggrivated


  1. I see! I see! Very nice. :)

  2. I like your new look - even if you are debuting it a little later than you would have liked. :)


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