Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cub Scout Popcorn Fundraiser

Can I interest you in some popcorn to support Luke's Cub Scout Pack? I know there have been times when I wished one of my long distance friends who have children in scouts (girl or boy) would post a link so I could order some cookies or popcorn, because we didn't know anyone for a while who sold them. So, just in case someone would like to buy some popcorn to help support Luke's Cub Scout Pack, this is Luke's referral link. The above picture is just a representative sample; they have all sorts of varieties of sweet and savory popcorn and pretzels, plus microwave and traditional popping corn. Popcorn ordered online will be shipped directly to you. Please don't feel obligated or pressured in any way. This is mainly a "just in case" post. Thanks!

(And thanks to Leah for the idea!)

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  1. Will all these popcorn fundraising happening, clubs ought to think about the best marketing strategy for people to support them. Taking a risk is everything so make sure that when you think about one, make it worthwhile.


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