Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big Bang Theory, Season 1

Okay, let's try this again! This was scheduled to post Monday evening, and then Luke fell. I'm tempting fate by again scheduling it to autopost. Let's hope something crazy doesn't happen this time.

The Big Bang Theory - Season 1

We've finally joined the cult. We're watching The Big Bang Theory. I know, I know! Most of you probably assumed we already did. It's actually my parents who finally convinced us, especially since they conveniently have seasons 1-4 on DVD for us to borrow. I know we actually watched the pilot when it aired, but we didn't care for it. Plus, we had a zillion other things we were watching at the time, so *not* adding another show to our schedule wasn't a bad thing. (And even if we watch all currently available seasons, we still won't be caught up in time to watch this season. Again, not a bad thing.) We borrowed seasons 1 and 2 from my parents when we were there for Labor Day. I figured they could bring seasons 3 and 4 when they come for Luke's birthday party next month. I actually wasn't sure if we could finish two seasons in a month. Um, it's only been a week, and we've already finished the first season and are a few episodes into the second. A slight miscalculation in my part! LOL

They're certainly getting better as they go (as do most shows). We've already added at least one quote to our "conversational repertoire" (Sheldon's Mom: I'm sorry, did I start that sentence with "if it pleases your highness?") and a gesture ("holding up" the sarcasm sign). We had actually already seen two of the episodes (the one where Penny sleeps on their couch, and the one with Sheldon's sister). I've also made an interesting observation. Conversations with our family and friends sound much more like those between Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard, than conversations on any other show we watch. And some of the "random" things the geek guys say that are obviously intended for laughs? I've already thought some of them by the time the character says it. (Particularly the line about Raj living in an old watch factory. I swear, I thought "Did you ask if they used Radium for luminous faces and watch hands before you moved in?" right before Sheldon said it.) It's a little scary, actually. I guess that means the writers know what they're doing, though. :-) It will be interesting to see what other quotes we pick up (we have one from a clip we saw, before we ever watched a full episode) and what other scary similarities we find to our friends and family.
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  1. This is on our "someday" list. Probably after we get caught up on Dr. Who :)


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