Friday, September 21, 2012

Cub Scout Wolf

Introducing Luke, Cub Scout Wolf, following in the tradition of Warren family scouting. My father was a scout, and my brother is an Eagle Scout.

I chatted with both my father and brother before deciding to go into Scouts with Luke, but with dropping soccer this year (did you notice? he was just completely burned out on it), I wanted him to have some contact with a group of boys outside of school and to get some sort of physical activity (they frequently do some games and relay races at meetings), and frankly just to get *out* of the house sometimes.

(I think DH took great cell phone pictures of the hiking trip.)

We've actually been involved for a few weeks now, but it didn't seem "right" to post without uniform pictures! As you can see, he's already been on his first hike (that's him in the green; can't believe my child, Mr. Clean, was ankle deep in muddy water!). The scout shop is not convenient to our house, especially with all of the I-285 construction going on between here and there, so it took us a couple of weeks to be able to make it up that way.

The facility is quite impressive, but the shop was actually smaller than I anticipated. Larger than many, I'm sure, and it was absolutely jam-packed with stuff (and people). Did you know the store even has its own patch? So pretty! And I'd really love to repeat this picture of him with the carving every year. We'll see.

We felt we absolutely had to get to the scout store last weekend, though, since he was due to make his first official "public" appearance as a scout: selling popcorn at the pack's sponsoring church before Wednesday night supper. (You may notice that there are no patches on his shirt; I'm working on it. Those things are a pain!!) Hmm, need to work on our shirt tucking skills.

Every time I look at the popcorn picture, I have to laugh. The other three scouts in this picture are Bears, which means they are in 3rd grade. Luke is a Wolf, meaning he is in 2nd grade, and yet he is towering over all three of them! With him as my only child, and not being around other children much, I often forget just how big he really is.

He seems to be *really* enjoying it. I mean, come on, that is a picture of my child not just looking at a book, but eagerly flipping through it and voluntarily trying to read parts of it! I've even managed to correct some behavior issues by making him quote the scout motto. "Do your best!" He certainly is very excited about it, which I love. I hope it lasts. Only another 10 years, since you have to make Eagle before you turn 18. Seems like so far away and just around the corner, all at the same time.
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  1. Way to go, Luke. It sounds like just the thing for him.

  2. So very exciting! Nathan is an Eagle Scout as well, and is eagerly awaiting the time when Baxter is old enough for Scouts. And honestly, if Boy Scouts ever show up at our house selling popcorn, we have to buy some :-)

  3. How exciting for you, Erin! I think Scouting is a wonderful thing for a young boy.

    E. got involved in Cub Scouts at school in Indiana (he went to a parochial school, so they had their own pack). Now, he's 12 years old, in 7th grade, and on track to make Eagle Scout before he gets to high school. I'm so proud of what he's achieved because of scouting!

  4. Scouts are great! MY son made Eagle and went to PHilmont. He learned so much by example that can't always be taught. BTW, making Eagle helped with him getting a college scholarship.


  5. Woo hoo, congrats to Luke! Michael's an Eagle, like his father before him. ;)


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