Friday, September 07, 2012

Watching TV: A Conversation With Luke

Luke finished eating lunch before the rest of us one day of Labor Day weekend, so he went into the den to play. Then, in an excited (almost panicked) voice, we hear....

Luke: Can someone come change the channel? There's something on I'm not supposed to watch, but I can't stop watching it.
Me: What is it?
Luke: I don't know, but a man got shot in the neck. But I can't stop watching it! Can you please come change the channel?
Me: Papa is coming to change the channel. Just don't watch it.
Luke: But I can't stop watching it!

At least he admits he has a problem! LOL It was NCIS, BTW. We had been watching golf or tennis or something when we sat down for lunch, and they switched over to the NCIS marathon afterwards. But yes, still something he shouldn't be watching!

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  1. This totally cracked me up! So glad he knew to tell you. But I love that he could NOT LOOK AWAY! Train wreck anyone? lol


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