Sunday, September 09, 2012

Homework Tales: Southeastern State Names

Not sure if this will become a semi-regular feature or not, but I thought I'd give it a "subtitle" just in case. We've had a couple of homework funnies recently, so who knows. Hope you enjoy!

Luke will have a test on labeling the southeastern states on a map next week. We were sent a blank map to practice with. I didn't know at the time if they would have a word bank or not, so I called out the names and had Luke write them on the map, figuring we could work on his own recall later. Naturally, this meant that he had to spell them by himself. (In his defense, neither of his parents can spell at all. DH is the only person in the world I know who spells *worse* than I do.) So, I present, the Southeastern United States, per Luke.
  • Gorgu (Georgia)
  • Flordu (Florida) [I corrected the u/a thing]
  • North Carlina (close! North Carolina)
  • Sawth Carlina (South Carolina)
  • Vrjinea (not bad; Virginia)
  • West Vrjinea (West Virginia)
  • Cintucy (Kentucky)
  • Tinasy (Tennessee; I think this is my favorite)
  • Albama (almost; Alabama)
  • Misissipy (again, quite close; Mississippi)
  • Arcinsol (Arkansas; no way he would know that)
  • Lowesyana (Louisiana)

Well, his do make sense, don't they? It also makes me *extremely* conscious of how I pronounce my words. Remind me again how phonics is better? ::sigh::

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  1. How cute! I love Cintucy!

    (on another note - this is my third attempt at typing in the captcha phrase for this post!)

  2. I LOVE these!!! Having a son whose vocabulary was far ahead of his spelling ability when young, we were used to translating phonetically too! Mind you, Julian is now 38 and his spelling is quite a lot better than it was...most of the time...

    My favourites are Vrjinea and Lowesyana :)


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