Friday, October 29, 2010

31 Days of Halloween - The Prize

I mentioned a few days ago that I won the 23rd giveaway of the 31 Days of Halloween that my friends Annette and Melissa were running. I won an odd-numbered day prize, so it came from Annette in Arizona. It arrived today!

Hmm, what wonders does this orange wrapper hold?

Looks like a handmade snap bag (has flexible metal bands in the top hem, so it "snaps" closed and holds things securely), a ghost stamp (see first picture), a hand drawn bookmark by Annette's daughter Miss K, a bendable skeleton, a Halloween themed pencil, a wind up pumpkin headed figure (Luke will love that!), a bag of goodies, and this lovely little box, which is presented in close up below.

The inside is lined with great spider fabric, the ribbon ringing the lid is shiny and beautiful, and it even has a cat on the lid. How appropriate for our home! Not sure what I'm going to store in it yet, but it will be sitting on my night stand until I do. Thanks so much, Annette! It was great fun to get my own Halloween treat this year.

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