Thursday, October 07, 2010

Luke Turns 6!

Guess who officially needs two hands to display his age! Today is Luke's 6th birthday. He has literally been telling *everyone* all day long that today is his birthday and he is now 6 years old. He even came home with an "it's my birthday" sticker from school on his shirt, which I thought was very sweet of his teacher. His party won't be for a couple more weekends due to extended family obligations. We didn't think it was fair to make him wait that long for some birthday recognition, especially since he has been keenly aware of *exactly* which day was his birthday was this year, unlike previous years. So we threw him a little mini-party with just the three of us this evening.

We got him some balloons (he *loves* balloons!):

And we did give him one present to open today (saving the rest for the party):

And how could there not be a cupcake (with candles)?

We did all of this at his favorite restaurant, Stevi B's, which has a pizza buffet and a small game room in the back (a ski ball lane, a racing game, etc). Special thanks to my coworker Bill for helping me out of a self-created sticky situation so I could be there! Luke has been smiling and happy all day, and I think he had a really great day.

Currently feeling: so happy Luke had a happy birthday!


  1. Hard to believe your son is SIX! Happiest of birthdays Luke!


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