Sunday, October 24, 2010

I won the 23rd Day of Halloween!

I have been terrible and have not mentioned The 31 Days of Halloween, the month long giveaway that my friends Annette and Melissa are running. It's been all I could do to remember to enter each day (and I know I missed at least a couple). Yesterday, I thought of it during Luke's soccer game and knew that if I didn't enter right then, I'd forget. As Wil Wheaton likes to say, living in the future is awesome. I just whipped out my phone and was able to post a comment to Saturday's drawing while sitting on the side of the soccer field.

So glad I did, because I won! I never win anything, so I am quite shocked. Even my email inbox knows I don't win stuff, since it automatically funneled my notification email with "winner" in the title into my spam folder! LOL But thankfully, they announce the winners on the blogs, which is how I found out.

If you're a cross stitcher, you'll probably want to run over and enter! Even numbered days are hosted by Melissa, and odd numbered days by Annette. You can read about all of the different ways to enter and check out the rules at either site. Good luck!

Currently feeling: giddy!

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