Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010 Round Up

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What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Do tons of catalogs and product reviews on Amazon for Christmas shopping count? (I didn't think so.)

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
* TV Time: Mythbusters started back, which throws a bit of a kink into our schedule, but not too bad. We dropped The Event, and The Whole Truth was canceled (though I did read that they may run the filmed but currently unaired episodes later in the year). The only new show still hanging on is Law & Order: Los Angeles, which we are enjoying.
* New Films: Chess: In Concert was interesting. I had only heard selections from it. Will admit I didn't love it, but Josh Groban is worth watching in nearly anything. Hollywood Homicide was much more fun and enjoyable than I expected. The Young Victoria was very sweet; not breathtaking, but very lovely.
* Old Favorites: Hercules, Ferngully, Quest for Camelot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992 movie), Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia, The Black Cauldron (I'm sure there were others, but these are all that come to mind at the moment.)

What special days did I celebrate and how?
Luke's birthday! He had a mini party with us the actual day of his birthday, followed by a family party a couple of weeks later. Seeing everyone at his big birthday party was the best gift ever.

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
Luke's birthday gifts and gifts for our nieces. I also won one of the 31 Days of Halloween giveaways.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
DH was sick for days with what turned out to be the flu with strep throat! You know he is very ill when he stays home from work for nearly a week. Luke also came down with his first ear infection in over a year. I am sensing a return to the ENT. I don't know if I had a tummy bug or just stressed myself into being sick, but I was out of commission for a day or two. Just not a good month in this department.

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
Took Luke trick-or-treating and did the Halloween parade. Met my grandmother for lunch in Covington. We went to a Chinese buffet, which Luke found totally fascinating.

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
Seems like I tried something new at the Chinese buffet, but I can't recall what it was now (only that I didn't like it! LOL). I tried a cheese I didn't recognize at Fogo de Chao. No clue what kind if cheese it was, but it was yummy.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
Birthday balloons are always special, since Luke loves them so much. Buying jeans that are 2 sizes larger than last year's for Luke was a bit shocking.

What were this month's disappointments or frustrations?
Work was frustrating. My grandfather also had a GI bleed, which is never a good thing. Took a week to get the kitchen sink fixed after it broke. Had to wait for a proprietary part from the manufacturer (but it was free, including shipping, which was nice). We didn't get a pumpkin carved for this year's Halloween. October just got away from me.

What were my accomplishments this month?
Other than pulling off Luke's birthday party, I'm not sure I accomplished much of anything this month.

What were Luke's accomplishments this month?

Turning 6 is a pretty major accomplishment! All else for the month seems to pale in comparison. Luke scored a couple more goals at soccer. He also finally lost his first tooth. It was loose for weeks, but it finally came out while he was sleeping (don't know how he didn't swallow it!). His reading is improving somewhat, but what strikes me as most interesting about his academic changes is his sudden desire to write. We're trying to encourage that as much as we can.

Anything else noteworthy to record?
Don't think so!

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