Friday, October 22, 2010


And there it is! The tooth that I thought would *never* come out (it took 7 weeks) has finally decided to turn loose. Of course, it did so in the middle of the night while Luke was sleeping. I don't know how on earth he didn't swallow it! Apparently, he woke up in the night, realized it was gone, found it caught between his lip and his gums, and put it under his pillow.

First thing Thursday morning, I was told "Mommy, my tooth came out but the Tooth Fairy didn't come!" (Note: he learned about the Tooth Fairy at school, not at home.) Um, well, see, she has a schedule each night that she has to keep, and since your tooth came out in the middle of the night, it was too late to get on the schedule. Plus, you put it under your pillow you were sleeping on instead of in the special tooth pillow we got for you, so she may not have known it was for her. Let's put it in the tooth pillow so we know you'll be on tonight's schedule.

We also went to the doctor on Thursday, since he was still running a fever several days after his birthday party. Turns out he has an ear infection (first one in over a year!). Since he was home from school, he went in his room several times to make sure the tooth was still there! LOL "She comes at night when you're sleeping!" And sure enough, the tooth was gone this morning, with a $5 bill in its place. Made his morning. Combine Tooth Fairy money with birthday money, and it won't be too long before he can buy something nice!

Currently feeling: relieved it's finally out

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