Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Luke asked to be War Machine for Halloween this year. No, he hasn't seen Iron Man 2; he watches the Super Hero Squad cartoon show (Marvel for little kids).

As is tradition, we did trick or treating at the mall again this year. Thankfully we thought to look up what time it started sometime Saturday afternoon, at which point we discovered that despite Halloween being on Sunday, the mall was hosting trick or treating Saturday night! Oops. We got Luke dressed in a hurry and ran over there.

He got a nice amount of loot. I like that he gets more candy than he can/should eat in a night, but not a whole bucket full of stuff that he may or may not eat.

I was actually not upset that the mall's trick or treating was on Saturday, because that meant that we got to participate in the neighborhood Halloween parade on Sunday! We hadn't moved in yet last year, and though we did make an effort to be here for the parade anyway, they left while we were getting Luke changed, so we went to the mall instead. This year, we got to do both! Luke had fun playing with some of the neighborhood kids. They ended up with 5 total Iron Men and/or War Machines, including Luke. This is the best shot I got of all of them (so hard with that many excited kids running around!). Luke is number 3.

The parade is lead by local emergency responders and their vehicles and literally departs from *right* in front of our house. See:

And yes, they let the kids climb into the vehicles. I'm not sure who was having more fun, the kids or the guys! Here's Luke inside the HazMat truck.

After that, the kids all lined up for a photo op. Look how many! (Arrow points to Luke in the first picture.)

And off we go!

I thought this spider lawn decoration was brilliant.

Can't help myself, I just love photos of these two from the back.

The parade ended at the local clubhouse, which also has a pool, tennis courts, and a playground. Usually, it is only open to members, but for certain events, it is open to the whole neighborhood (with a small food fee). After the Halloween parade, they hold a pizza party and costume contest (various age groups). All of the kids really had a blast playing on the playground and in the sandbox.

A very busy but very enjoyable Halloween indeed!

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