Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treasure: A Conversation With Luke

We've been admiring the stars recently while waiting (in the dark!) for the school bus. Orion has been directly overhead for over a week now. This morning, the clouds were in the way, prompting these questions:

Luke: Mommy, is the moon a star?
Me: No, stars are made out of hot gases. The moon is made of rock.
Luke: Yeah, and craters!
Me: Yes, the moon also has craters. Those are made by smaller rocks hitting the moon. And the sun is *so* hot that it keeps us warm during the day, even though it is much much farther away than the moon.
Luke: Do the astronauts make the craters?
Me: No, there small rocks are floating through space. Sometimes they hit other things, like the moon, and sometimes they even land on earth.
Luke: Do the astronauts find them?
Me: No, but other scientists do.
Luke: What do astronauts explore? Do they explore treasure?
Me: They explore science! They go into space to do experiments and learn more about the universe.
Luke: Awesome!

Awesome, indeed.
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