Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Generosity of Friends

I need to give a very public thank you to my coworker Bill today. A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally scheduled a work meeting for 6PM today. When I scheduled the work for "next Thursday," I clearly did not realize the date! Today, as you may or may not know, is also Luke's birthday. There was quite a bit of coordination required among several different groups to get this activity together, and the work must be done after regular business hours. By the time I realized the conflict, it was too late to reschedule.

I felt like the worst mom in the whole world! We had already promised to take Luke to his favorite restaurant for dinner, and I had a cupcake, balloons, and a small gift already planned, but I intended the cupcake and gift for *after* we ate. The only thing I could figure out to be able to participate in present opening and blowing out candles *and* make it to my call was to go to Stevi B's (we could be there by 5), do gifts and blow out the candles first, then run back home (without me eating) to dial in to the conference bridge by 6.

My coworker Bill and I have always been friendly. He lives in New Jersey, and we have never met, but we chat regularly about our kids. He knew Luke's birthday was this week, and when he asked me Monday what we were doing to celebrate, I shared my dilemma to see if he could suggest a better alternative. Instead, Bill very generously offered to cover the call for me until I could get there after dinner. That was not my intention when I told him! But he has a son just a year older than Luke, and he understood my desire to be able to enjoy dinner and the fun stuff with my child. As soon as we were done with pizza, present, and cake, I left DH and Luke to play games while I raced home. I was only about 15 minutes late, but the work activity was already proceeding very smoothly when I dailed in, and I relieved Bill in time for him to still eat dinner with his own family. Thank you so much, Bill! Your generosity was *my* present today. Please let me know if I can ever return the favor.

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