Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Always be aware

I did something incredibly stupid last night. I lost track of my surroundings and forgot where I was. I went to see a movie at The Fox Theatre, right on the border between "Midtown" and "downtown" Atlanta. I took MARTA (public transportation system) in to the train station next door by myself, and I was fine. I wandered around the blocks nearby while waiting for my friend to arrive, and I was fine. We left the theater a bit after 10 PM, and we were fine. I took a few pictures outside while we were waiting for our ride to arrive, and we were fine. Then I got distracted trying to get a particular shot, and very suddenly, things were not fine.

Up to that point, I'd been doing well. There were people coming out of the side doors where we were. There were plenty of people on the sidewalk very nearby. I was aware of all of that, and I felt perfectly safe. So I looked up and started working on a good shot of the arches overhead. I couldn't get the camera still enough (and flash ruined the effect), so I tried to vary my pose, position, and grip, trying to get a clear shot. It took longer than I thought, and when I looked back at eye level on the street, there was no one around except my friend and me, and two people approaching us asking for money.

Now these two people in particular did not set off my alarm bells. I was annoyed with them and mad at myself for being in that situation, but that's it. I did not sense any real danger with those two particular individuals. But it did smack me upside the head that I had lost track of where I was and what was going on around me, and *that* scared me. I don't mind walking some of the main areas of downtown at night, as long as I am not alone. But when I do it, I need to be focused and aware of who and what is around me, both potential dangers and potential safe havens if needed. I lost sight of that last night, and that was stupid! Our ride arrived just as we were letting them know we had no money, so it all worked out okay. But, it put the two of us in potential danger for absolutely no good reason. Stupid, stupid, stupid!! I'm still rather rattled by it this morning, as well I should be. It isn't even the actual event that scared me, just my lapse in judgement and awareness. We all need reminders now and again of how and why to be safe. Please let my scare serve as yours.

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  1. I'm glad you were okay. Thanks for the reminder!


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