Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The networks are trying to kill me

(Aquarium photos coming, I promise!)

Back in September, I was rather boggled by the thought that a 2-tuner DVR was not sufficient to capture all of our television watching on Monday nights. We had a conflict at 8 PM with Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Dancing With the Stars. Recently, they moved House to Monday nights at 8 instead of Sarah Connor, so the dilemma did not change, it just got worse (we like House better than Sarah), but until Dancing with the Stars resumes, we can still catch Chuck and House on Mondays at 8.

That luxury will end on March 9, with the return of DWTS, and there will once again be a conflict. And I hate to say it, but I think we will most likely pick Chuck over House, especially since it has been a little boring lately. We also have three shows at 9 PM when DWTS resumes, but one of them (The Closer on TNT) replays at Midnight, so we can catch it then instead. But wait, there's more! The one and only sit-com we watch, Rules of Engagement, is also about to resume. Guess when? MONDAYS! At 9:30 PM, I believe. *And,* they are now adding a 10 PM show that I want to see, also on - you guessed it - Mondays! The one good thing I can say for this new show (Castle, starring Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame) is that it is also on ABC, so there is no chance that DWTS can conflict with it.

So, to recap, we have:
* 3 shows Mondays at 8 PM - DWTS, Chuck, and House (House will lose that fight)
* 4 shows Mondays at 9 PM - DWTS, Heroes, Rules of Engagement (which will lose that fight, which makes me very sad) and The Closer (which we can catch on the rerun at Midnight)
* 2 shows Mondays at 10 PM - Castle and CSI: Miami (which I can catch OnDemand, if need be)

Heaven help us if any of those shows ever have a special 2-hour episode! We will be totally hosed. Can the networks please get it together and spread these out some? Tuesdays and Wednesdays are somewhat busy (especially when Mythbusters resumes), but Thursdays and Fridays are mostly open. Saturdays and Sundays are completely empty! Or can someone please invent a 10-tuner DVR? It would make this avid television watcher much happier. Thank you.

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  1. I'm with you, though for us it was Friday that finally stretched the limit of the DVR. Psych, Battlestar Galactica and now Dollhouse all on at 8 pm. We got around it last week by watching Dollhouse in the bedroom while the DVR did its thing in the living room.

    For Mondays, we have House and Heroes against DWTS and I'm very glad that Leverage Season Finale is next week or Tuesday would be a mess with American Idol, DWTS, Dirty Jobs and Fringe. (DJ loses in that since it's rerun so often).

    When baseball comes back... it will all get even more complex!

    Not long ago there was virtually nothing on network TV that we watched!

  2. We've solved this dilemma by watching nearly everything online. I watch my shows while I stitch. If you don't mind a teeny screen, you can find nearly everything available next-day on surfthechannel.com.


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