Saturday, February 21, 2009

The clothes make the (little) man

At least they'd better! With the exception of socks, which I hope to pick up tomorrow, I have now *completely* re-outfitted the child from head to toe over the course of the last month. T-shirts, shorts, jeans (4 of the previous 8 now have holes, with 2 more getting close), shoes, undies, and pajamas, and as mentioned, socks to come shortly (the last ones I got him at the end of last year are actually too big and have not shrunk as much as I expected). He also has multiple pairs of new sunglasses (thanks to Nana, who may be addicted to them) and a new hat to go with his existing two (he's outgrown his Nemo hat, sniff sniff).

BTW, OshKosh B'gosh is now my new favorite store. They seem to understand that not everyone likes scary skater clothes for their 4 year old boy. And yes, they had everything we bought at 40-50% off at the Tanger Outlet Mall, otherwise we would not have been able to afford to shop there.

So, bring on Disney! We're ready. Two weeks from right now (11:32 PM on Saturday, 2/21), we should be collapsed in our room for our first night's hotel stay after a half-day at the Studios (so hard not to call it MGM anymore), hopefully sleeping and preparing for our first full day at The Magic Kingdom. I can't wait!

Currently feeling: very excited!

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