Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My job, my family, or my sanity?

So, my job, my family, and my sanity are in a bar fight. Which one do you think will lose? I'm getting beaten to a pulp at work. Spinning my wheels, sitting on conference calls where people ask *me* to fix things that are so far out of my jurisdiction that it's not even funny (but none of them are responsible, so I have to figure it out), trying to manage escalations to impossible dates, and finding out that I have a "circular argument" situation on one project (I can't finish until they do, and they can't finish until I do; who designed this?!) and having to figure out how to break the stalemate. Then at home, I have a husband with a severe cold, a son with an ear infection and a high fever (also home from school today, complicating work even more), and a fever of 99-99.5 for me that I seem to be running for no apparent reason other than to make sure that I am at my most tired and irritable to try and deal with work crap and home illness. Yay.

Currently feeling: like I'm going to crack


  1. Things will work out one way or another - hope you all are feeling better soon! Just think, you'll be at Disney in a month! :)

  2. ((Erin)) would it help to prioritize the problems and then execute the highest on the list and then breathe, rinse, and repeat? If not, maybe a good scream would help?

    I hope DH and Luke are feeling better soon, seems like there is a lot of sick going on around me too lately.

  3. As long as the sanity survives, the rest should fall in line... though it doesn't always feel like it will, I know you'll make it through :)

  4. Sorry you have to deal with everything at once. {{Hugs}}


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