Wednesday, February 04, 2009

That does help a little

Thanks for all the hugs yesterday. I was just so stressed and so overwhelmed. Looking back today, it wasn't all that bad, just frustrating. It was really my coping mechanism that wasn't working (sick child and my own fever must have shorted it out). In the midst of it at the time, though, it was not fun at all. However, I saw my boss at a vendor lunch today, and she made it a point to come and tell me, in front of everyone I was sitting with, what a great job I did getting the catch-22 situation worked out yesterday. Made me feel good. Not only did I do a good job, but it got noticed. That's rarely a bad thing!

Currently feeling: yay me!


  1. yay Erin!! glad you got noticed and that she said so!!

  2. Yay from me too! Sounds like you did awesome despite feeling the pressure - sounds like you've got it all pulled together to me. :)


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