Thursday, January 27, 2011

100th Day of School - Kindergarten

Friday is the 100th Day of School for Luke. Apparently, they treat this as a milestone in Kindergarten (not sure about other grades). I have no idea if they bumped it out a week to account for our 5 snow days, but I'm sure it is primarily symbolic. Luke has been talking about it for a couple of weeks, and he came home Monday of this week with his assignment: count 100 items and place them into a (small) ziplock bag. Simple enough, right? Yeah, is anything with Luke ever simple?

Luke wanted to do Star Wars Galactic Heroes figures (and yes, I'm quite sure he has over 100 of them), but A) we don't take toys to school, B) even if taking toys to school was allowed, we'd have said no so none of them "wander off," and C) they wouldn't fit in the bag. Then he wanted to take Cheerios or Goldfish crackers. Okay, well, whatever he takes has to survive the bus trip in his backpack. There would be no way to prove he had completed the assignment if the items he counted turned to crumbs during transit. LEGOs would have been perfect, but again, we didn't want any to go missing or for them to cause trouble at school.

How about pennies? He loves playing with coins, so that was a winner. I thought he might have trouble with the assignment once he got much above 30-something, but other than a couple of brief glances up at me for reassurance that he was doing it right (like transitioning from 69 to 70), he counted all the way up without hesitation. He was so proud of himself! (And we're proud of him, too.) Then he looked at the 100 pennies in the bag and said "is that all?!" He couldn't believe that 100 of anything took up so little room. Maybe we'll have him count 100 figures this weekend!

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  1. Kindergarten uses the 100 days thing as a landmark because it's part of their way of teaching kids to count to 100. So there's no reason for the higher classes to make a big deal about it.


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