Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reminder: Cube Timer Giveaway Closes Mon, Jan 17

Just a quick reminder that the Cube Timer Giveaway is still open. Just leave a comment on that post and you're entered. You can also post about the giveaway on your blog for a second entry into the contest; just leave a second comment on that post stating that you have done so. I will stop accepting new entries for the contest on Monday, January 17, at 5PM Eastern USA time. Remember, your comment(s) must be left over here on this blog entry to count. I have closed comments on this post here to (hopefully) avoid confusion. If you haven't entered because you are concerned about leaving your email address in the comment itself, go ahead and comment and we'll try to work something out. I don't want that to be a hindrance.

Someone asked if they could post about the giveaway on Facebook instead of a blog for a second entry. I will give a conditional yes, the condition being that if you could limit who sees the post (using your friend lists), I would appreciate it. I know, that doesn't seem fair, but I'd really rather it go to a faithful reader of my blog or a faithful reader of your blog (or actual personal friends on Facebook), not that kid from 3rd grade that you don't really remember but you didn't want to deny the friend request. Am I making any sense? I guess what I'm saying is to use some judgment around where you post about the giveaway if you are doing it somewhere other than your blog. Thanks!

(I couldn't even decide whether or not to type, let alone post, that last paragraph, but it really is how I feel, so I'll put it out there. Hope you don't now think I'm an awful person!)

Currently feeling: hoping this goes well