Friday, January 21, 2011

Bragging on Little Brother, Ph.D.

Just had to brag on my brother for a minute. Check out this article. (link to campus news at Georgia Southern University) I know it sounds like the university did everything and then brought in the co-directors mentioned in the bottom paragraph (one of whom is my brother), but I'm sure we all realize that is not exactly the case. It was really the concept, vision, and hard work of those co-directors (and many others, I'm sure) that made this happen. Congratulations to them! Well done.

(I so wanted those last words to be "Well done, _nickname_", but I won't embarrass him by putting that on my blog. I would like to still be on speaking terms with him in the future! LOL)

Currently feeling: thrilled for my little brother!


  1. How wonderful to find a new facility at a university which is aiimed at helping those outside its walls! Maybe I'm being unjust but all too often it appears that academia is 99% concerned with academia and only peers outside for the other 1%.

    Congratulations to Jacob :)

  2. That is awesome Erin! Congrats to your brother.


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