Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Matter of Principal (not a typo)

Principal, as in assistant principal, the person Luke had to go see at school today. There's a first I could have done without. (Dare I hope it's the last?) I won't go into the details except to say Luke was clearly in the wrong. Overall, the incident seems to be being handled by the school in about as low key a fashion as being sent to the principal's office can be. I'll check with the school tomorrow to make sure that is an accurate assessment of things and that he is not in severe trouble (at least with them). I am assuming not since no one from the school called me today; the incident form that we had to sign and return was the only official communication from them.

However, at home, BIG TROUBLE doesn't even being to cover it. I was so shocked when he told me that I didn't even yell (which may have scared him all the more). DH was so angry that he could hardly see straight. "What is my punishment?" You know, Luke, I don't even know, because this is so bad, I can't even think of what to do right now. At least that seemed to get his attention. No TV and no video games through Friday was a given (not that he plays video games during the week, but it's the principle of the thing), and he knew that when he got off the bus. It would have been through the weekend, but his birthday party is Saturday and we will be entertaining multiple out of town guests all weekend. Doesn't seem fair to punish all of them with no TV or video games.

There will be some additional punishment that is yet to be determined - the punishment to be named later, if you will. We can't really cancel his birthday party. A) We have too many out of town/state people (with children) coming. And B) canceling your birthday really does seem a bit harsh for an about-to-be 8 year old. But other than TV and games, what else is there to punish him with? I will be canceling his play date tomorrow, which is a shame, since the last two were also canceled due to scheduling conflicts. We've tossed around a few other ideas as well, like writing sentences. Will have to think on it some more. This is just not something that ever even crossed our minds to have to plan for.

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  1. I'm a great believer in making the punishment fit the crime.....can you think of something nice he can do for the 'injured party' that will cost L something, even if it's only his pride?

    And don't beat yourself up - this doesn't mean he'll end up a master criminal ;) Believe me, as the mother of a son I can say with confidence that 'This too will pass'! (((hugs)))

  2. Is there any sort of volunteer activity that fits the crime? I know I had to stock the food pantry, dust the entire church, etc. as punishments when I was young.

  3. Writing sentences is good, assuming writing is not a favorite activity. It also works for all ages - just need to adjust length and repetitions.

    For L, maybe one line 50-60 times. For Z, it's two lines and 500 times ;) (and yes, I still need to pull that one out more than I like).

  4. I'm sorry {{{hugs}}} - I don't have a suggestion for punishment, though :(


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