Monday, October 01, 2012

Redecorating the Blog - October 2012

Wow, I had that last template for just a little bit less than 2 years (one year, 9.5 months, I believe). I've been hunting for a new one for several months but couldn't find something I liked. Still don't love this one, but it's okay. I know folks who use feed readers don't tend to actually visit blogs these days, but if a few of you could please check it out "in person" and let me know if it displays okay on your monitor, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Currently feeling: ready for a new look


  1. Love the background... but the header doesn't seem like you :) It's a bit too... plain?

  2. I like the background too but agree that the header needs a little something more.

    In response to your comment on my blog- the cheesy smile phase is exactly what we're going through which is adorable normally, a little annoying when trying to get some nice family shots for those post placement reports to Russia and the pics we're sending to Poland since I'm sure they'd all like to see that he actually has eyes:) I love checking out what Luke is up to over here too so I know what I'm in for in a few years!


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