Friday, October 05, 2012

New Job with an Old Friend

D, an old manager/friend of mine, called me out of the blue on Wednesday. I worked for her during my previous short contract, the first one after Luke was born, before I went into project management. I hadn't seen her in about five years, and I probably hadn't talked to her in over three years. In fact, she didn't even have my number anymore. She called a mutual friend, who only had my old home number, but he did still have my cell number, which has thankfully stayed the same over the years. The funny thing is that I had just said to my husband last week that I needed to call this same mutual friend and get D's number, in case she was aware of any available work. "But I'll wait and do that after Luke's birthday party."

So needless to say, when I answered the phone and it was her, I nearly dropped the phone. She asked how I've been, and I responded with fine but unemployed. "Really? That's great!" Well that's an odd response. "I want to hire you; can you start next week?" Sure! Um, what will I be doing? LOL We talked briefly about the job, which will return me to the land of data analysis, and she offered me the position on the spot. I spent most of today getting things squared away with the contracting company, who officially extended the offer this afternoon, and I have officially accepted. As soon as my background check and "substance screening" come back, I should be able to start the next day, either this coming week, or the following week at the latest.

So, after six months and three days of unemployment, I will be working again very shortly!! My entire family is ecstatic, and as excited as I am (and I really am), what I feel most is relief. I was pretty chill about the whole thing over the summer, but once Luke went back to school, I started getting anxious. When I crossed the six month mark on Monday, I was near panic. Little did I know that I just had to hang on a couple more days. A great reminder that some days, it just takes a little faith.

Currently feeling: beyond elated!


  1. Well that was meant to be! Congrats on the new job. :)

  2. So pleased for you - isn't Life amazing sometimes!

  3. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations! The only thing better than a job is a job with an old friend!


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