Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Big Bang Theory, Season 3

The Big Bang Theory, Season 3

Well, we finished season three of The Big Bang Theory. It was fun for Penny and Leonard to finally be together. I'm glad they didn't try to drag that out for another two or three seasons. There were certainly some great moments! We nearly died laughing over Sheldon and Leonard in the ball pit in the episode where Sheldon was "stuck" on an idea for several days. We were laughing so hard that we had to pause it and back it up twice!  The return of Catherine Baranski as Leonard's mom was brilliant, as expected. I finally got to see Wil Wheaton (twice!); having followed his blog and Twitter accounts for many years, it was great to finally see Evil Wil Wheaton in action.  And I was very excited to finally see the introduction of Amy. I've seen at least a couple of episodes with mayim bialik, and with what little I had seen of her character, I could not *imagine* how she came into the fold of the group. The way it happened makes so much sense and was too funny!

I will say that I was quite disappointed by one facet, though. After spending several weeks on Bernadette and Howard, she just sort of vanished. I could not figure out what happened to her, and it was bugging me. I kept waiting for a grand explanation, but instead they just put in a throw away comment about "yeah, we broke up weeks ago, didn't you notice?" and that was it. Makes me wonder if something happened to the actress for it to have happened so suddenly (either an illness/injury or maybe she landed another show as a regular). The weird part, though, is that I know she comes back, so who knows. Anyway, we're really enjoying it. Bring on Season 4!
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  1. We haven't watched from the beginning, but rather catch episodes on syndication. BUT, I absolutely love Amy. She is one of my favorites. I did see how she joined the cast and it really was perfect. I also LOVE the ball pit episode. It's my favorite. Soooo funny!


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