Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Party Planning Tips

Several people have asked me how I came up with the party ideas for Luke's birthday. First off, I start planning his parties a good six months in advance (and yet, for some reason, some things still don't get done! LOL). Then people would say something like, "but this party had so much going on, how did you pull it off?" Um, this is what happens to unemployed project managers who have six months with nothing to do. They start making up projects! :-p

As far as the ideas themselves go, the short answer is: Pinterest and Google are your friends! Probably more like your BFFs. I think the only original idea I had was to call them Mount Fuji Apples. Everything else was either directly stolen from or inspired by something else, or even if I did come up with it on my own (like breaking the balsa wood boards), I also ended up seeing the same idea later on someone else's blog. Don't just google "ninjago party" though. Do other searches, even just image searches on the words or ideas behind them, like ninja or LEGO. I also searched things like Japan, Japan Party, and Chinese New Year Party. Search just party or kids party or boy party (or girl party, as appropriate). You never know what will inspire you. And for me, once an idea or two started flowing, more and more would come.

I also found my pin boards on Pinterest to be a huge help. I created one just for this party and started pinning anything and everything that inspired me. Party ideas, party supplies, decorations, coloring pages, links to other people's parties, anything that I saw and thought "that might be a good idea for Luke's party." It was essentially my brainstorming board. Just because I pinned it didn't mean I was doing it, but it was great to have all of the ideas (and corresponding pictures!) all in one place. I then could go back and look at it later and decide what I wanted to do of the options I had pinned, and it was easy to go back to the source to read up on each thing. (I promise, Pinterest is not paying me to say this! LOL I just found it indispensable in planning this party.)

That's really all I know to say. Think about your child and what he/she enjoys (or whoever the honoree is). Think about the other kids/guests who are coming. Think about what *you* do and don't like in a party (chances are, other people don't like those things either). Brainstorm, google, use Pinterest. Walk around Party City or other party store. Talk to other people who are good at party planning (like the amazing Heather; you should read about her Harry Potter parties! here, here, and here). You never know what you'll come up with. And give it a whirl! You won't know if you can do it until you try.
Currently feeling: be excellent to each other, and..... party on, dudes!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. :) I may have to have you project-manage my next party!!!


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