Friday, October 19, 2012

First Day of New Job

Today was my first day at my new job. Yes, I started on a Friday. And as is the case with most new jobs that involve technology and/or security in any form, nothing works on day 1! LOL So we figured we'd go ahead and get all that "stuff" out of the way. They don't have instant IDs anymore (though they did 14 years ago), the access card to get onto the floor has to be approved and mailed from headquarters (about 1000 miles/1600 km away), I couldn't access my voicemail despite the fact that it was supposedly reset earlier that week, I couldn't get past the ID login screen on the computer because my ID was still inactive in the IT database, and I had no Exchange email account even created. Typical technology job first day stuff!

As a short-term contractor, I have to report to the office, despite the fact that 8 of the other 9 members of my team are 100% virtual office. At least I do sit right next to the other team member who also comes in, so we're not lonely.  Here's my cube. Why yes, that is a tube monitor (not even flat!). I haven't seen one in years. I'm going to see if I can scrounge up a real flat screen from one of the "spare parts" rooms. No view, so I'll have to decorate it.

But the building has great views from the windows. When I say I work right behind the Fox Theatre, I mean it literally! This is the back wall of the lobby of my building. Less than 50 feet away is this:

However, from my cube location on the 39th floor (out of 45), I'm can't see the Fox Theatre at all; it's too close and I'm too high!  However, I can see THIS from the window closest to me.

This is facing more or less west. Some might recognize the stadium and building behind it at the center right. How about a close up? (That is also Coca-Cola headquarters there in the top left.)

"I'm a Wramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech and a helluvan engineer...." I can even hear the steam whistle sometimes. If I move to the wall to the left of this one, I see this southern-ish view of Atlanta. Note the white arrow:

That arrow is pointing to DH's office! Not just his building, that is the actual window with his cubical on the other side (well, we think; haven't been able to confirm). He works on the 24th floor of his building. I finally get to be taller! LOL  I'm sure you'll be seeing more photos of the spectacular views in the days and weeks to come. So happy to be back to work!
Currently feeling: thankfully not afraid of (enclosed) heights


  1. You can almost see my house from there! =P Congrats on the job. I'll have to walk over for lunch some Friday!

  2. Sorry I'm behind on my blog reading, Erin!

    Congratulations on the new job! I totally hear you on the "not being set up on the first day" - I don't know why they can't get everything set up, but it seems to be a common issue.

    No view from my cubicle, either - yours looks a little roomier than mine!


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