Friday, October 26, 2012

First Week of Work

I didn't feel like a one day update on the new job wasn't very fair, so I thought I'd follow up after my first full week. It's going really well! I've already generated several reports, fixed a major Excel problem someone was having, taught the nested if/iserror/vlookup so the vlookup won't return an error message, figured out the problem with a rejecting order, and learned (and taught) two new tricks on the instant messaging system (because I'm not afraid to say "hey, what does this button do?").

(The arrow is pointing to Stone Mountain.) I even made a voice print for one of the phone systems. It's cool living in the future! Every time I use it, I feel like I'm initiating an auto-destruct sequence on Star Trek.

I also had lunch with my husband this week. As previously mentioned, he works just two blocks away. His team was taking one of their departing trainees out for lunch, so I went with them. The above sculpture and beautiful fall foliage was captured outside the Bank of America building, where we ate.

There was a small hiccup on Friday. I get in fairly early, usually between 7:15 and 7:30. So far, every day this week, someone has arrived before I did and the lights were already on. Not today! The lights were on for 3/4 of the floor, but not my "quadrant." I called building security, who pointed me to building maintenance. They had to send a maintenance guy up because the guy on the phone was new and couldn't tell from the diagram where the switch was. But now I know, so I shouldn't be "in the dark" again, no matter how early I arrive.
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