Monday, September 15, 2008

How is a two-tuner not enough?

As you probably know by now, we have a DVR and we utterly adore it. I do not have any idea how we ever lived without it. I promise you it is THE best $5 we spend every month. It is also a 2-tuner DVR, which means we can record two shows at once (or record one and watch a second in real time, or record two and watch a previously recorded program). So please explain to me, then, why the networks are conspiring against us?

By moving the Sarah Connor Chronicles to Monday, we now have *three* 8 PM shows on Monday nights, with Sarah battling Chuck (not started yet, but will soon) and Dancing With the Stars (starts next week; thank goodness this week is the last for The Closer!). Sorry Sarah, I think you just got bumped! Good thing you can watch full episodes online. We may yet be forced to become regular online viewers just for Chronicles. I don't like watching television on the computer! The desktop is in the computer room, which only has folding chairs to sit in, and the laptop screens are way smaller than what I am accustomed to (53" projection HDTV). But they're not leaving me much choice.

Currently feeling: unhappy in my total spoiledness


  1. We're in a similar boat. Kylie watches Sarah Connor, we both love Heroes and Dancing with the Stars.

    I suspect we'll watch Heroes and DVR the others!

    Tuesday nights are almost as bad: Eureka, House, Dancing with the Stars and Fringe.

  2. Right there with you...although for us it's even worse: Chuck, Sarah, DWTS and Big Bang Theory. Sadly, BBT and DWTS have to fall by the wayside. =(


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