Wednesday, September 17, 2008

But I didn't hear the doorbell....

As I hopped on my home computer to take a quick peek at my personal email, I saw a message from FedEx indicating that a recent internet order was delivered at 10:19 AM this morning. I am skeptical, seeing as I have been home since not long after 8 AM, and I have not heard the doorbell ring. Just in case, I go to the door, and sure enough, a box is sitting on my welcome mat.

Seriously, FedEx, how hard is it to ring the doorbell after you put a package on my doorstep? You were already standing *right there* on my porch. Reaching out those extra 12 inches would have been so terribly taxing, I'm sure. I'm not saying you had to stand there and wait for me to answer. The UPS guy just puts down the box, rings the bell, and flies back to the truck (seeing as it is usually pulling away before I can even get to the door), but at least he lets me know something is there. Good thing they sent that email! No telling how long it would have sat out there. Since I ordered it over the weekend, I really wasn't expecting it to arrive before Friday. We virtually never use the front door, so it could have been days before we noticed it. Really, try the doorbell next time, I don't think it will kill you.

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  1. We have the same problem too. Except Fed Ex leaves them down by the garage door (too lazy to walk up the stairs to the front door).

    My mailman is even more lazy. I got the sorry we missed you notice in my mailbox for a package I has to sign for. I was home all day and he didn't even attempt to deliver it. It annoyed me because it was the Saturday before a holiday and I needed that package (meds). Luckily I was off that Tuesday and could make it to the post office to pick it up.

  2. My big problem is USPS... We have those little community/cubby mailboxes. So if you get a package they have to drive the whole extra block to the house to drop it off..

    So I'll be there *ALL DAY* waiting for something or DH will just be there all day for no purpose, and I'll find a "so sorry we missed you, now you have to drive across town to pick up your stuff"

    I've had (slightly) loud arguments with the Postmaster about this... They *swear* we're not at home, but there we were sitting there all day. I hate it when they do that.

  3. The one time I had UPS not ring my bell, my package was smashed up. In fact, it took UPS three tries to get that particular item to us undamaged!


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