Monday, September 22, 2008

The Shirt Pile Grows

Thanks to Charisse for suggesting Old Navy. I don't know why I never think of it! I guess because I don't shop there, it just doesn't occur to me to check there for Luke. (Same with Gap, Kelli, but just the thought of shopping there grates on my nerves for some reason. Maybe because it was so "in" back when.) Old Navy had a good selection of the type of thing I was looking for. The problem is that he is in between boys and toddler sizes there. Not all of the styles are available in XS (or they were all sold out, which I suppose is possible). I did find a couple of good ones, though. I should have some items coming in to Wal-Mart to be picked up this week (car seat boosters; free shipping if shipped to your local store for pick up), so I'll check there as well. Sometimes they have good stuff.

So I've done all the usual suspects: JCPenney, Sears, and Target. I also checked The Disney Store (out of his size for the two things I liked), The Children's Place, and Gymboree. Those last two made my head swim with some of the prices, but having hit so many places with only 8 shirts to show for my efforts, I might have to rethink my price point. (I am considering Land's End jeans to see if they will last longer in the knees, and trying not to faint at the thought of spending more on jeans for him than I do on jeans for me or DH.) The guy at The Children's Place said they would be doing a large "floor move" in the next week or so, so they should have more long sleeved selections soon. Even he admitted that it was pretty late in the season to have such little selection in long sleeves, and most of the others were so similar to what I already have that it wasn't worth it.

Anyway, the hunt continues! There's still time. We're at least a few weeks off from having to wear both jeans and long sleeves. We are at the stage where it is a big decision whether to have him wear shorts or jeans with his short sleeves, and does he need to wear a jacket? Lows around 60F/15C, but highs above 80F/27C, and he gets hot pretty easily. Decisions decisions!

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  1. If you find jeans that last in the knees, let me know! Seems like Patrick blows out the knees within minutes of putting on a new pair!

  2. Watch for sales at Gymboree. They also have Gymbucks promotions, which allows you to get money knocked off future purchases.

    My sister used to work for Gymboree, and she says to watch ebay, too. People will come in, buy tons of stuff dirt cheap at the end of the season, then list it.

  3. I admit, I have to spend more on my kids' clothes than mine. We spend a lot at Limited Too (which doesn't help you because you have a boy). It is worth it to me to spend a little more to get a little better quality. I hate paying Children's Place prices though. ACK!


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