Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Webshots makes me feel like a bad mom

So I check my email, and I see the following email from Webshots: "Somebody's been busy! We bet you've been busy: spending time with friends and family, jetting off to foreign locales, perhaps even trying out a new activity. Now it's time to upload to your Webshots account and share all the great photos and videos you've taken."

Well yes, actually, I *have* been busy, which is precisely why I *don't* have any photos to upload. It's all been boring stuff like replacing the kitchen light, replacing the dining room light (apparently shiny gold-toned fixtures are very out of style, so we now have a brushed chrome one that matches *nothing* in the house), and cleaning. Not much picture worthy there.

We did take Luke to the Mall of Georgia this weekend on the great long-sleeved shirt hunt. I got a few shots, but not many, and I haven't had a chance to upload them yet (see earlier post re: Facebook). Those were taken before the mall opened, and he was so ill-behaved from that point on that no additional photos were taken, primarily because we spent the rest of the trip separated. DH took Luke to walk around (and gee, go figure, they stopped in a Game Stop to see if they were demo-ing The Force Unleashed (not for Luke)) to try to both keep Luke busy and keep me from strangling him, with the occasional stop into whatever store I was in when paged via text message for a "drive by try-on session." (I love consistent sizing; he wears anywhere from an XS to a M, depending on the shirt.)

So yes, Webshots, we have been busy! And no, that hasn't yielded many photos. I understand you're feeling a little neglected, but stop with the guilt trip! I'm doing the best I can.

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  1. I get that email from Webshots all the time! Never thought to feel guilty about it though - and you shouldn't either! :) :) We all do our best.

  2. I hate that email, too. It makes me feel even more guilty that I haven't uploaded pictures of the house renos when people have been asking. Geesh, if I spend all my time uploading pictures, when am I actually going to get renos done?!?!

  3. Hi Erin,

    My name is Jessica, and I am the Webshots editor who wrote that "been busy" email. I am sorry that reading it gave you a guilt trip as I was only hoping to remind you to upload your awesome photos, such as those of Luke, so you can share them with your friends and family. That said, I know we all have a hard time uploading because we are *so* busy, so maybe I will rework the email to speak to that. I also wanted to remind you that we are having a Grand Opening Special at the new Webshots store right now: 50 FREE 4x6 prints! Just enter coupon code NEWSTORE at checkout, where the discount will be applied, and all you pay is shipping. The offer is good until 9/30/2008, so perhaps you'll have some time this weekend inbetween changing lights (for me, it's hanging pictures!) to get some prints. Cheers!

  4. Blech. One of the reasons I prefer to use self-hosted web services. Can't stand the constant 'reminders'!


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