Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mommy, I sleep now?

This is what I get for complaining about not having much to blog about.

You know your child is sick when... you are watching your ritual pre-bedtime cartoon and your child turns to you and says (in a very pitiful voice), "Mommy, I sleep now?" He was ready to go to bed less than 10 minutes into Gummi Bears tonight. Him turning down bread at dinner should have been another clue. I thought he felt a little warm this afternoon, but he'd been playing hard and he was acting fine, so I didn't think much of it. He ate fine at lunch, but hardly ate any dinner (don't know if that is simply because he isn't feeling well, or because he didn't want to try the spaghetti). Thermometer says 101.5. He's shivering some and complaining that his feet are cold (note to self: "my feet are cold" = fever). We've dosed him up on Children's Motrin, and DH is putting him to bed right now.

I hope it isn't an ear infection. I forgot to mention on my blog that the ENT removed his tubes at his 1 year follow up appointment on Aug 19. That's actually how his sinus infection (that required the nasty medicine) was diagnosed. We already had a previously scheduled ENT appointment to check his tubes; the timing of the sinus infection was just coincidental. She said the tubes were just sitting in the ear canal; if his ears weren't so waxy, they'd have fallen out on their own. She just reached in with teeny-tiny tweezers and plucked them out. He held completely still and didn't wiggle (apparently, most children make quite a fuss when they do that). She said he was so good that he deserved a sticker *and* a lollipop. We will go back in six months, but if he doesn't have any trouble (i.e. no unexplained ear infections) between now and then, we're all through. I really want to be all through! We've been messing with this for almost 2 years now, I'm so ready to be done. I know it is minor, and if you had to pick an affliction for your child, this isn't a terrible one. That doesn't make it much fun, though.

Maybe it's just a virus that will be done in a day or two. Yeah, that's it....

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  1. Oh, I hope he is feeling better this morning! Kisses & hugs to everyone, Nana


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