Thursday, September 18, 2008

Worse than shopping for toddler clothes

Can I just say that I am having *the* worst time finding fall clothes for Luke? I remember complaining about the lack of choice when it came to buying toddler clothes for him, but at least I could get a good 10-15 shirts for him in any given season, even if it took 3-4 different stores to do it. Summer had similar problems, though I did eventually manage, but now, for fall, I can't seem to find *anything.* After hitting two different major department stores today (having already struck out at Target), I have exactly 6 long-sleeved shirts. That's not going to cut it! Most of the shirts on the shelves are SHORT-sleeved. Hello, it's going to get cold soon! Heck, it was cold this morning. He can't wear short sleeves all winter.

There were some of those "layered look" shirts, the ones that look like a t-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt (but really aren't), but 1) I don't really care for that look and 2) most were inappropriate subject matter for a 4 year old (skulls and such), so I wouldn't buy them even if I liked the look. It just shouldn't be this hard! The Boys Size 4-8 section should be larger than my living room, I'm just sayin'. (Okay, it is larger than that; it's actually about the size of my living room and kitchen combined.) Plenty of baby stuff, a fair amount of 2T-5T stuff, and tons of Boys 8-12 stuff. What, are there no boys his size in the world? I know that can't be so because last year, I had the hardest time finding 5T stuff in stock; it was all sold out! I don't think he's the only one who grew, so the others have to be out there somewhere (apparently running around only in short-sleeves). The stuff I like, naturally, is like Land's End stuff, which runs $20-25 a shirt. I can't afford that! I want $10 or less, please, preferably on the less side. Apparently, he'll either have to have cold arms or wear last year's shirts that look like bare midriffs on him (they're not too "small," they're just too short). ::sigh::

Sorry to post two rants in two days (man, I've been chatty lately), I'm just really starting to get discouraged. I intentionally started shopping for fall clothes early this year so they wouldn't be all sold out of the size he needs, and I can't find anything because there doesn't seem to be anything to find! I feel like I just can't win.

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  1. Finding clothes for boys is hard. If it fits, it ends up ripping the second time they wear it. Or perhaps I just have a destructive child, LOL.

    Patrick is right on the edge between the biggest child size and smallest adult size, and finding clothes has been a challenge this year. Thankfully, Scarlett is easy!

  2. Oh I'm so not looking forward to that! M just started wearing 4T and I was able to find age-appropriate clothing for him at Target so far.

    Can I rant about underwear? He was less than excited about elmo, nemo, etc. and that was all I could find in 4T. Why can't there be neutrals?

  3. Have you looked at Gymboree or Gap Kids? I know they're more expensive, but the selection seems to be better, and the clothes last.

  4. I second the Gap clearance racks; I've bought some incredibly cheap stuff for my Luke there! Now that he's almost 8 he really loves the layered shirt look, especially if it has skulls on it (ugh). We went to Mervyn's right before school started and even those were hard to find. Guess that happens when school starts in *August*. I'm about due for another clothes shopping run with him and it is SO not fun; especially now that he has his own opinions. Good luck!


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